Terms and conditions


AISHA TOURS ETHIOPIA defines its particular conditions of sale ( PCS) based on specificities of his travels. Any purchase of a trip implies acceptance. In case of contradiction between the PCS and those contained in the brochure website, the latter shall prevail .


Aisha Tours Ethiopia offers to build your trip according to your wishes and puts at your disposal dedicated brochures, suggest itineraries and give you ideas of budget. To get your personalized travel program, you must submit your quote by phone or email info@aishatoursethiopia.com or via the form on our website dedicated www.aishatoursethiopia.com heading  » do not forget our bespoke itineraries . »

Any request for quotations for a customized circuit that does not correspond to any circuit proposed in the catalog of circuits available on the website or for a combination of circuit that may exist in the catalog of circuits available on the website will be charged 150 euros Payable at the date of request for the quote, non-refundable and deducted from the invoice amount in the case of a registration with a tour organized by Aisha Tours Ethiopia.

The first modification will be free of charge; 50 euros, non-refundable and deducted from the invoice amount in the case of registration at a tour organized by Aisha Tours Ethiopia will be charged from the second request of modification and by requests for additional modifications.

Generally within a period of 48 hours Aisha Tours Ethiopia will offer you from expressing your wishes for a quote with a period of validity, containing your travel program and its firm and definitive price , costs, taxes and services included .

If Overtake the period of validity of your license , Aisha Tours Ethiopia will establish a new quote for your trip whether certain modalities , such tariffs should be modified. Of when you will confirm that we quote in its period of validity , you can register by mail by initialling and signing the license , the registration form and general and special conditions of sale which will be communicated .


2.1 . registration

You can register on our travels with our specialist using the registration form available on request. Your registration is a final date of receipt of the registration form Complete, date and sign.

2.2 . Terms of payment

A 35% deposit is payable at time of registration if it is effective more than 35 days of the departure date and 100 % of the price of the plane ticket in case Aisha Tours Ethiopia to support the purchase your international flight. The balance of payment is due 35 days before departure. Failure to pay the balance will result in the cancellation of the reservation and forfeiture of deposit.

For registration less than 35 days from the date of departure , the payment must be made at once and the totality of the trip .

For payment , an invoice will be addressed as soon as possible and no later than 8 days encashment . The balance of the tour price will be settled without stimulus from us no later than 35 days before departure. Any delay in the payment of a deposit or balance will be considered a cancellation which will be applied for cancellation fees PROVIDED Article 4. Any payment within 15 days of the departure date will be by credit card or in cash within the limits prescribed by article L 112-8 of the Monetary and Financial Code in the amount of € 3,000 per case.

2.3 . Fees

No fee for registration.

For booking a trip less than 5 days prior to departure , « emergency fee  » of $ 50 bills will be € folder.

• Extending your stay or departure anticipates our package tours is possible if the change request is made during registration . Apart from the price of complementary benefits, costs € 150 per person will be bills.

2.4 . Rerouting

Aisha Tours Ethiopia reserves the right to alter itineraries, accommodations and take all this and possibly without notice if circumstances require such changes.


3.1 . Airline tickets

Prices for trips organized by Aisha Tours Ethiopia exclude international flights. In the event that you want the flight internationnal be reserved by Aisha Tours Ethiopia , it will be provided by Ethiopian Airlines and 100% of the ticket price ticket must be paid Aisha Tours Ethiopia the day of registration.

Once a deposit is received from a client, all domestic flights that are part of the circuit are confirmed by full payment to the respective airlines. In the event of cancellation by the customer , refund on tickets pre- paid tickets are subject to the cancellation policy of the respective airlines . Cancellation policy below does not apply to tickets.

Flight times may vary up to a few days prior to departure depending on the permissions of traffic data by the competent authorities . To avoid any risk of confusion between different notice , we will provide only schedule confirmed by the company. Departures and arrivals can be very early morning or very late . In any case, the costs related to these times can not be supported by Aisha Tours Ethiopia or justify any cancellation or any refund . Airlines do not pay the amount of the fuel surcharge for tickets nonrefundable.

3.2 . Conditions of Carriage – International flights , domestic or chartered in Ethiopia

The general and special conditions of carriage of the company are available through the website of the airline or upon request. Accordance with the Warsaw Convention, the airline may have to change , without notice , including schedules, itineraries , the airports of departure and arrival . Given the conditions applied by companies ( regular flights , interiors country of destination or chartered ) if the traveler does not present is a recording of the flight or flights of one of a series of flights (pass aerial ), the return flight or other flights of the series will not automatically voided the company. The traveler must then , to continue his journey , at his own expense a buy / newborn (x) ticket (s ) depending on availability . If , in case of changes in the company , mainly because of technical problems , climatic or political exterior has Aisha Tours Ethiopia , delays or cancellations or exterior strikes a Aisha Tours Ethiopia , additional stops , changes of equipment, travel , events policies, climate , the traveler decides to abandon the trip, it will be invoice cancellation charges mentioned in Article 3 below. Aisha Tours Ethiopia does not reimburse expenses (taxis , hotels, transport, catering … ) of when the client is under the protection of the airline . In case of delay in transportation departing or returning from the trip and / or damage or loss of baggage, denied boarding ( overbooking ) and / or flight cancellation by the company, we recommend the traveler to allow him to assert its rights vis- a- vis the airline to retain all original documents (tickets, boarding passes, baggage coupon or otherwise) and to apply to the airline any supporting written in the event of denied boarding ( overbooking ) or canceled flights . The traveler will ship to the airline , as soon as possible , given the short time limits imposed , his claim with copies of supporting documents and keep the originals . Aisha Tours Ethiopia may, in case of difficulty , intervene with the airline to assist the traveler in the resolution of the claim.

3.3 . Route before departure and return travel

If you organize your only pre and post delivery services (transport, hotel … ) to the place of beginning of the journey and up your home after the trip , we recommend that you purchase benefits ( tickets. .. ) can be modified and / or refundable and predict transfer times between airports / railway stations sufficient . Upon the occurrence of an event of force majeure, an act unpredictable and insurmountable third or because the traveler who change benefits your trip Aisha Tours Ethiopia and involve benefit changes above, Aisha Tours Ethiopia will not reimburse costs incurred


4.1 If the client is obliged to cancel his trip , he must inform Aisha Tours Ethiopia by any written means to have acknowledged receipt , of the occurrence of the generator of a reset is the date of issuance of the writing will be considered the date of cancellation billing cancellation fees. Visa fees are not refundable by Aisha Tours Ethiopia .

The cancellation fee will be due and payable according to the following criteria:

More than 60 days before the departure date of the the trip No charge
60 to 31 days before the departure date of the trip 15 % of the travel price
30 to 21 days before the departure date of the trip 25 % of the travel price
20 to 14 days before the departure date of the trip 50 % of the travel price
13 to 7 days before the departure date of the the trip 75 % of the travel price
At least 7 days before the departure date of the the trip 100 % of the travel price

No refunds will be made for no-shows or for all or part of the unused services.

Aisha Tours Ethiopia reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure , in which case we will try to make other appropriate arrangements on your behalf , otherwise full payment will be refunded without any obligation on the part of the business .

4.2 . Other terms :

If one or more passengers entered in a same folder ( Registration Bulletin ) cancel (s ) participation has maintained a trip to the other participants:

- For personal services ( non-shared ) : the scale of cancellation charges above ( Article 4) will be calculated for the (s) traveler (s) who cancel (s) on the price of services ( tickets … ) not consumed travel on the date of cancellation,

- For shared services: fees divided by equal 100% , regardless of the date of cancellation will be invoices (x) participant (s) who cancel (s) on their proportionate share of the shared benefits of travel

When multiple clients registered on the same file and that one of them cancels his trip, the cancellation fee is levied on the sums received by Aisha Tours Ethiopia for this folder, regardless of the person making the payment .

In case of cancellation for any reason whatsoever, the cost to subscribed exterior in Aisha Tours Ethiopia and engaged by the client such as travel, transportation costs to the place of departure of the trip and return home , fees obtaining visas, travel documents , costs of vaccination can not be any refund .

5. Prices

5.1 . circuits

The applicable prices are those available on the website for your circuit. The price per circuit and per passenger is fixed on the basis of a minimum number of participants mentioned in the supply circuit . For a lower number of participants , the technical conditions of realization of the journey are different and can lead us to guarantee the departure or due to special circumstances a charge you a price supplement called  » small group  » no later than 21 days before the date of departure of the trip, it being stipulated that Aisha Tours Ethiopia reimburse you if complementary registrations came complement the actual circuit .

For all inquiries circuit does not match the price set on the basis of a minimum number of participants , the applicable price shall be as specified in the quote provided by Aisha Tours Ethiopia with und expiry date. Our estimates are always realized subject to availability of services offered. To book these services, the customer will pay the deposit amount included in its estimates and the corresponding completed and signed registration form.

5.2 . All trips Aisha Tours Ethiopia

A billing, the price is firm, definitive and payable in euros. However, according to law , until 30 days of departure , we can make adjustments to the rise or decline , of as they are not significant , no possibility of cancellation without charge to you for the following two reasons :

1 – Changes in the cost of transport, particularly that relate to the cost of fuel and / or

2 – Changes in fees and taxes relating to the services provided , such as landing taxes, embarkation , disembarkation at ports and airports . Aisha Tours Ethiopia will charge the entirety of the additional cost induced .

Your refusal to pay this price adjustment will be considered as a cancellation.

If one or more registered travelers on the same registration form off ( s) , the trip can be maintained when the participants have a rule Aisha Tours Ethiopia , before departure if there are extra benefits that will have to change due due to the cancellation / es traveler (s) . Any refusal by the remaining travelers or registered to perform this adjustment will be considered as a cancellation of their share of the travelers or concerned with application of bareme Article 4 above.


Are only considered as contractual , the benefits mentioned on the data sheet available for your registration with Aisha Tours Ethiopia or the Internet www.aishatoursethiopia.com site. All our trips ( unless otherwise stated) are planned with accommodations in a double room (two people) . Where possible , a single room can be requested Aisha Tours Ethiopia , against charging a supplement . In case of discrepancy between the information contained in our travel offers (brochure, website … ) and those on the datasheet AVAILABLE FROM Aisha Tours Ethiopia or on its website , the latter shall prevail .

6.1 . Unused services / modifications

Benefits voluntarily modified by the customer on site are subject to the conditions of local providers : the additional or substitute services generating an additional cost must be paid directly to local travel agencies and can not in any way engage the responsibility of Aisha Tours Ethiopia . Unused onsite services (transfers, excursions, accommodation … ) shall not give rise to any refund.

6.2 . Precisions on group tours .

6.3 . single room

On  » package tours  » , the client being registered only and have not opted for a single room will be charged the single room supplement at the time of registration. However , if we find someone who might share a room , we will deduct this supplement at the time of settlement of the balance. Price based on 3 people : double room + extra bed ( this service is not yet being comfortable for adults , then we recommend the single room ) . If the 3rd person desire a single room, the supplement will be charged .


7.1 . administrative formalities

Before you sign up to start your trip, you should check that each traveler , depending on his personal situation and his nationality , is in possession of a passport ( depending on the destination , the passport must have a validity of 6 months after the completion of the stay) or national identity card (NIC ) during the validity , which will be used ( e) to realize the travel plans and any other document (s) (s) (visa, family book ) , and required to meet the requirements and pass or enter Ethiopia .

Aisha Tours Ethiopia communicates in its offer travel information on customs and health formalities for nationals of French nationality . It is the traveler’s French nationality to check that it is in possession of such administrative and health documents required for the completion of the journey . People of other nationalities should inquire and learn , before enrolling and realize their travel on administrative formalities ( visas. ..) and health ( vaccins. ..) required including embassies and consulates competent .

A traveler, who could not board a flight , failing to present documents of police, customs and / or health , could not claim a refund of the price of the trip. Aisha Tours Ethopia shall not, under any circumstances , be held responsible for the consequences of non-compliance by the traveler for police , customs and health before or during the trip (eg loss of identity papers and / or regulations of tickets plane … ) . Certain countries and / or airlines have implemented new formalities, also to request a quote or registration, you will henceforth we must communicate :

• your name, first name (s) and date of birth appearing on the passport or CNI (if the destination permitting) you will use for your trip and to complete the transit permits or entry (visa, ESTA .. . )

• specify for each traveler (including children and babies ), sex (male (M) or female (F) ) .

Warning: you will need to contact the same information (name, surname ( s), date of birth and gender ) was identical to complete all other required forms for the completion of your trip , especially with flights on Ethiopian companies. Failing to comply with this procedure may expose you to a refusal of entry into the territory of transit or destination.

7.2 . Information on safety and health risks

Aisha Tours Ethiopia advise you to check regularly before the departure / es sheet ( ies) of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs relative (s) in your trip ( destination country and cross ) on www.diplomatie.fr website under  » the French and foreign  » or inquire by phone at ( cell saver ) .

Health risks: We invite you to consult regularly Broadcast information by the competent authorities on the health risks of the country / countries of your journey and follow the recommendations and sanitary measures to fight against these risks accessible on www.sante.gouv sites. fr ( Ministry of Health ) , www.who.int/fr/ (World Health Organization ) , or on request from our advisors.


Any change request formulated by the customer under one or the other benefits of the trip, after registration and before the issuance of registered securities (airfare or other ) will cost 5 % of the amount of benefits modified with a minimum of 75 € per booking , to the extent Aisha Tours Ethiopia would be able to meet this demand and is formulated more than 35 days from the date of departure . We would like to clarify that any changes or modifications on the name after the issuance of tickets , whatever the date of the change causes the application by airlines and / or administrative authorities (permits, visas) of penalties and or change fees that will be passed on.


9.1 . For circuits :

Unless otherwise specified, the maximum group size for our trips is 15 people. Nevertheless , the maximum number can be exceeded a participant in the case or the last person who registers to travel with another person. Benefits will not change and the conditions of your travel will be identical.

We can exceptionally be forced to cancel a departure if the minimum number of participants is not reached . This decision will be communicated no later than 21 days before the departure date originally planned .

An alternative may be proposed you . In case the proposed alternatives do not suit you , your payments you will be fully restituted without other allowances . All expenses incurred by you are at your expense ( ticket province / Paris , international flights, hotel equipment required to travel … ) .

For individual travelers :

Given the number of people wishing to travel together, we can adapt the framework and logistics group size .

9.2 . Aisha Tours Ethiopia agrees to enter travelers having at least reached the age of 18. Registration on minors who will undertake unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, subject to the prior approval of Aisha Tours Ethiopia travel requests must be signed by the father , mother or legal guardian and marked  » agreement of the father , the mother or guardian .  »

Travellers minors, whether accompanied or not must be provided : either the national identity card only (especially for European Union countries , the Schengen area , and Switzerland ) or passport , be accompanied by a passport visa.

It should beforehand to learn about the documents required by the country of destination by consulting the country profiles site diplomatie.gouv.fr

Beware if the child is traveling alone with both parents some countries may claim proof that the other parent authorizing the trip. Unlike the old authorization to leave the country , it is only a letter on plain paper that is not issued hall .

For minors traveling with one of the parents, guardians or other adults should be sure that you are in possession of the necessary documents for the minor who accompanies you ( family book and map national identity card or passport . minor traveler should also bring at all times during the voyage of the coordinates ( name, address and telephone numbers ) of their parents in order to establish direct contact with them.


In accordance with Article L. 211-17 C. Tourism, Aisha Tours Ethiopia can not be held responsible for the consequences of events for exterior has it , including:

• Lost or stolen tickets aerial crossing by the traveler , the airlines will not issue duplicatas.

• Default of presentation or presentation of identity and / or health obsolete documents or insufficient duration of validity ( national identity card , passport, visa, vaccination certificate … ) or do not comply with prescribed formalities ( including the recommendations of section 2 above) . In case of default recording (including delay boarding ) , it will be 100% of the total amount of benefits withheld.

• Incidents or events unpredictable and insurmountable third such as war , political unrest, strikes External Aisha Tours Ethiopia has , riots , technical problems or administrative exterior has Aisha Tours Ethiopia , congestion of airspace , bankruptcy of a provider , bad weather , delays (including delays in forwarding mail services for sending the tickets, passports tickets … ) , failure , loss or theft of baggage or other personal effects of travelers .

The delays or suffered originating the cases referred above as well as changes Itinerary / program that would result eventually will not cause any compensation to any reason whatsoever from Aisha Tours Ethiopia , particularly because of changing the duration of the trip originally planned or delay a logo call. Prospective additional costs related to a disturbance (taxes, hotel , parking, purchase of tickets … ) will remain in charge of the traveler.

• Cancellation imposed by circumstances presenting the characters of force majeure and / or reasons that relate to maintaining the safety of passengers and / or order of an administrative authority. Aisha Tours Ethiopia reserves the right to change the dates , schedules or itineraries in if it considers that the safety of the traveler can not be assured , without the latter to claim any compensation .


It is recommended that guests take out adequate insurance to cover personal accidents, medical expenses, lost baggage and loss of deposit through cancellation , repatriation , death .

Aisha tours Ethiopia , nor any person acting through or on their behalf , will be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever in respect of persons or property resulting from any cause. Aisha Tours Ethiopia will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by delays , sickness, accident , injury or death , or for additional expenses incurred as a result thereof .

Aisha Tours Ethiopia acts as agent for domestic airlines and accordingly accepts no responsibility for any loss , damage, injury [ fatal or not ] , accident, delay or other irregularities arising .

Aisha tours Ethiopia Tours makes every effort to ensure that all arrangements and services related to the route of a passenger will be carried out according to specifications and / or the most effective way possible. However, we do not have direct control over the provision of services by airlines , they are in all selected with great care cases, we accept no responsibility for errors and omissions of the providers .


As a customer , your complaint must be sent in writing and return receipt mail has Aisha Tours Ethiopia – 39 Rue Perier – 92120 Montrouge ( France ) , as soon as possible after the date of the return journey, accompanied by supporting documentation . After entering our customer service and a satisfactory response within a maximum of 60 days, you can enter the mediator Tourism and Travel, which coordinates and referral modalities are available on its website: www.mtv.travel .


You have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data (art. 38 et seq. Of the Law of 08.01.1978 amended ) that Aisha Tours Ethiopia has collected. To exercise your rights , or if you do not want that data about you is transmitted to third parties , please contact Aisha Tours Ethiopia – 39 Rue Perier – 92120 Montrouge ( France ) or by email at info@aishatoursethiopia.com

Conditions of sale update 16 May 2014


Literal reproduction of articles R.211 -3 R.211 -11 of the Tourism Code , in accordance with Article R.211- 12 of the Code of Tourism.

Article R.211 -3: Subject to the exclusions provided for in the third and fourth paragraphs of Article L. 211-7 , any offer and sale of travel services or stays lead to the delivery of appropriate documents that meet the rules defined by this Section . In case of sale of securities or airline tickets on line not accompanied by regular benefits that relate to these , the seller delivers to the buyer one or more tickets for the whole journey , issued by the carrier or under his responsibility . In the case of transport demand, the name and address of the carrier on whose behalf the tickets are issued , must be mentioned . The separate billing of various components of a same tourist package does not relieve the seller of his obligations made ​​by the regulatory provisions of this section .

Article R.211 -3-1 : Exchange of pre- information or the making available of the contractual conditions is done in writing. They may be out electronically in terms of validity and exercise provided for in articles 1369-1 to 1369-11 of the Civil Code. Are mentioned the name or business name and address of the seller and the indication of its registration in the register provided for in article L. 141-3 or , where applicable , the name, address and indication of the registration of the federation or union mentioned in the second paragraph of Article R. 211-2 .

Article R.211- 4: Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the seller must provide the consumer with information on prices, dates and other components of the services provided on the occasion of the journey or stay , such as:

1 ° The destination, means , characteristics and categories of transport used ;

2 ° The type of accommodation , its location, level of comfort and main characteristics , its certification and tourism classification corresponding to the regulations or practices of the host country ;

3 Benefits proposed restoration ;

4 The description of the itinerary in the case of a tour;

5 ° The administrative and health formalities to be accomplished by national or by nationals of another Member State of the European Union or a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area in the event , including crossing of borders and their fulfillment delays ;

6 ° The visits , excursions and other services included in the package or possibly available at a supplement price ;

7 ° The minimum or maximum group size for the completion of the trip or stay and, if the completion of the journey or stay is subject to a minimum number of participants , the deadline for informing the consumer in case of cancellation the trip or stay ; this date can not be fixed at less than twenty -one days before the departure ;

8 ° The amount or percentage of the price to be paid by way of deposit at the conclusion of the contract and the payment schedule for the balance;

9 ° The procedures for revision of prices as provided for by the contract pursuant to Article R. 211-8 ;

10 ° Cancellation of a contractual nature ; 11 ° Lesconditionsd’annulationdefiniesauxarticlesR .211-9 , R.211- 10etR.211 -11 ; 12 ° Information on the optional conclusion of an insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation or an assistance contract covering certain specific risks , including repatriation in case of accident or disease ;

13 ° When the contract includes air transport , information for each flight segment , provided for in Articles R. 211-15 to R. 211-18 .

Article R.211- 5: prior information to the consumer binds the seller, unless therein the vendor has xpressement reserve the right to modify certain elements. The seller must , in this case clearly indicate to what extent these changes may occur and any items. In any case , changes have been made in the prior information must be communicated to the consumer before the contract is concluded .

Article R.211 -6: The contract between the seller and the buyer must be in writing, in duplicate , one of which is delivered to the buyer , and signed by both parties. When the contract is concluded through electronics, is made pursuant to Articles 1369-1 to 1369-11 of the Civil Code. The contract must include the following clauses :

1 The name and address of the seller , its guarantor and insurer and the name and address of the organizer;

2 ° The destination or destinations of the trip and , in case of stay splits , the different periods and their dates;

3 ° The means, characteristics and categories of transport used , the dates and places of departure and return;

4 ° The type of accommodation , its location, level of comfort and main characteristics and tourist classification under the regulations or practices of the host country;

5 ° The proposed restoration services ;

6 The itinerary when it comes to a circuit;

7 ° The visits , excursions or other services included in the total price of the trip or stay ;

8 ° The total cost of services billed as an indication of any possible revision of the billing under the provisions of articleR .211-8 ; 9 ° The indication , if appropriate , fees or taxes for certain services such as landing , boarding or disembarkation fees at ports and airports , tourist tax not included when in the price of the service or services provided ;

10 ° The timing and mode of payment; the last payment made ​​by the buyer can not be less than 30 % of the price of the trip or stay and must be done when submitting documents to realize the trip or stay ;

11 ° special conditions requested by the buyer and accepted by the seller;

12 ° The terms under which the buyer may submit to the seller a claim for non-performance or poor execution of the contract, which complaint must be addressed as soon as possible by any means to obtain acknowledgment of receipt to the seller, and , where appropriate , notified in writing to the tour operator and provider of services concerned ;

13 ° The deadline for informing the buyer in case of cancellation of the trip or stay by the seller in the event that the completion of the journey or stay is subject to a minimum number of participants , in accordance with the provisions of 7 ° of Article R. 211-4 ;

14 ° Cancellation of a contractual nature ;

15 ° Cancellation mentioned in Articles R. 211-9 , R. 211-10 and R. 211-11 ;

16 ° precisions concerning the risks covered and the amounts guaranteed under the insurance contract covering the consequences of professional civil liability of the seller;

17 ° Information concerning the insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation by the buyer (policy number and name of the insurer ) and those concerning the assistance contract covering certain specific risks, including repatriation costs in case of accident or illness; in this case, the seller must give the buyer a document specifying at least the risks covered and the risks excluded ;

18 ° The deadline for informing the seller in case of transfer of the contract by the buyer;

19 ° The commitment to provide to the buyer , at least ten days before the date scheduled for his departure , the following information:

a) The name, address and telephone number of the local representation of the seller or , failing that, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of local organizations likely to help the consumer in case of difficulty or , failing that, the call for urgent to establish contact with the vendor number ;

b) For travel and stays of minors abroad , a telephone number and an address to establish a direct contact with the child or the person ‘s place of stay ;

20 ° clause of termination without penalties and reimbursement of amounts paid by the buyer in case of non -compliance with the information requirements provided for in paragraph 13 of Article R. 211-4 ;

21 ° The commitment to provide to the buyer , in good time before the start of the journey or stay , hours of departure and arrival .

Article R.211 -7 : Buyer can transfer the contract to a transferee who fulfills the same conditions as himself for the journey or stay , as this contract has no effect . Unless more favorably stipulated to the transferor , it is obliged to inform the seller of his decision by any means capable of producing a return receipt no later than seven days before the start of the journey . When it comes to a cruise , this period is extended to fifteen days. This transfer is subject, in any case , has a prior authorization of the seller .

Article R.211 -8: When the contract contains an express possibility of price revision , within the limits provided for in Article L. 211-12 , it must state the precise calculation methods , both on the upside and the downward price changes , including the costs of transport and taxes relating thereto , the currency or currencies that may affect the price of the journey or stay , the share price at which the variation applies , the course of the currency or currencies used as reference during the establishment of the price in the contract.

Article R.211 -9: If, before departing from the buyer, the seller is forced to make a change to one of the essential elements of the contract such as a significant price rise and when it disregards the obligation of information referred to in paragraph 13 of Article R. 211-4 , the purchaser may, without prejudice to recourse for compensation for damages possibly incurred, and after having been informed by the seller by any means of obtain an acknowledgment of receipt :

- either terminate the contract without penalty and get immediate repayment of amounts paid ;

- or accept the modification or replacement travel offers by the seller; a rider to the contract specifying the changes which have been made is then signed by the parties; any decrease in price is deducting any amounts remaining due by the purchaser if payment already made ​​by the latter exceeds the price of the amended provision , the excess must be refunded to him prior to his departure .

ArticleR.211 -10: In the case provided the articleL .211-14 , where, before the departure of the purchaser, the seller cancels the trip or stay , he must inform the buyer by any means capable of obtain an acknowledgment of receipt ; the buyer , without prejudice to recourse for compensation for damages possibly incurred obtains from the seller immediate reimbursement without penalty of amounts paid ; The buyer receives , in this case , a compensation at least equal to the penalty he would have paid if the cancellation was of his own act that date. The provisions of this article do not in any way prevent the conclusion of an amicable agreement for acceptance by the purchaser , a trip or stay substitution proposed by the seller.

Article R211 -11: When , after the departure of the buyer, the seller is the inability to provide a preponderant share of planned contract representing a non- negligible percentage of the price services honors by the purchaser, the seller must immediately take the following steps without prejudging remedies for compensation for damages possibly incurred : either offer services to replace the possibly provided for supporting any price supplement benefits and whether the benefits accepted by the buyer are of inferior quality , the seller shall refund of his return, the price difference ;

- or, if it can not offer replacement services or if they are rejected by the buyer for valid reasons, provide to the buyer , without any extra price of tickets to ensure his return in conditions that may be considered equivalent to the place of departure or to another place accepted by both parties .

The provisions of this Article shall apply in the event of non- compliance with the obligation provided for in paragraph 13 of Article R. 211-4 .

Terms and conditions updates on March 15 201 3


In case of conflict between different versions of general conditions of sale , the version available on the website www.aishatoursethiopia.com prevail.



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