Bird watching in Ethiopia

Discover Ethiopian’s vast array of unusual birds

Do not resist to your passion for birds and go discover hundreds of endemic species sometimes : Let’s try some bird watching in Ethiopia.
Throughout the year and especially during the migration period October / November, a selection of good sites for bird watching in Ethiopia’s many national parks, lakes, and the Semien highlands of Bale, make Ethiopia a natural wealth for many species.

To discover the birds, it should be noted. Choosing the right time to go out, find the bird in the landscape, be attentive to the slightest cry and show great patience are the basic principles of ornithology.
Ethiopia has many treasures such as birds endémiqmues corbivau Raven, Wattled Ibis, the Blue-winged Goose, Lapwing Abyssinian or Rouget’s Rail. Your perseverance you will also discover the Ethiopian Wolf endemic in Bale or Gelada baboons and Ibex Walya in Simien.

  • Ornithology in Ethiopia

    Ornithology in Ethiopia

    16 days/15 nights
    ATE 700

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