Simien Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains National ParkThe Simien Mountains National Park includes the Simien Mountains which consists of the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen. The Simien Mountains have formed cliffs and gorges over which a tourist can enjoy an amazing view. This is the reason the Simien Mountains are compared to the Colorado’s Grand Canyon and among the national parks in Ethiopia listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list. The Simien Mountains National Park is one of the best destinations to visit in Ethiopia.

Wildlife and Safaris in the National Park

In the Simien Mountains National Park there are Ethiopian endemic animals, the Gelada baboon (Theropithecus gelada), the Walia ibex (Capra walie), a mountain goat, and the Simien fox (or Ethiopian wolf, Canis simensis).

Other mammals found in the Simien Mountains National Park consist of the Hamadryas baboon, Anubis baboon, colobus monkey, leopard, spotted hyena, bushbuck, caracal, wild cat, golden jackal and klipspringer.

Over 100 bird species with few endemic to Ethiopia exist in the National Park.