Bodi (Me’en)

The Bodi living near the Omo River in southern Ethiopia . Originally, it was a pastoral people but the tsetse fly has made ​​many havoc on their livestock , they are mostly converted to agriculture. Today, they grow mainly sorghum, maize and coffee.

Bodi women generally wear goatskins or lightweight fabrics letting out a breast and a little gem just under the lower lip. They also scarify their breasts with a thorn acacia , which is a sign of beauty . Men are generally overweight , which is considered a sign of beauty in Bodi . To fatten , they consume large quantities of milk and honey . They move naked or simply covered with a blanket.
Once a year , in June , the Bodi celebrate their new year ceremony Ka’el , in which elected the most fat and corpulent man . The winner of this competition gets a great reputation within the tribe.