Chebera Churchura Parc

This superb wild park CHEBERA CHURCHURA is located in the southwest of Ethiopia. The human footprint is still absent, this 12-hectare park is crossed by the Zigna River, a tributary of the Omo River, has several lakes and waterfalls including a hot spring.
The park is home to many elephants that evolve in a wild environment whose lush vegetation is conducive to their existence.
You can also see herds of buffalo there.
Raised in national park in 2005 the primary objective of this park is the protection of elephants
Chebera Churchura provides refuge for 37 species of large mammals. Apart from elephants, the park is home to populations of buffaloes, greater kudus, Defassa Waterbuck, lions, leopards, serval cats, hippos and warthogs. It also has 140 species of birds, 5 of which are endemic to the country.
A few days or more, camping for, in the early morning, to discover the riches of the park.
The park rangers are happy to welcome you there.
A safari in Chebera Churchura Park can be combined with the Jimma region and its coffee plantations or the ethnic groups of the Omo Valley.

Chebera Churchura Park is one of the many national parks in Ethiopia and all of them are home to its fauna and flora and are havens for hikers. Depending on the level of each hikes adapt. These main parks are as follows with some examples of the animals you may encounter:
  • The Bale mountain park for the Abyssian wolf and the Nyala mountain
  • The Simien park for the geladas baboon and the Ibex
  • Awash park for Oryx, gazelles, monkeys, crocodiles, Abyssinian lion, kudu, dik-dik
  • Babile sanctuary for elephants
  • The park of Abijata and shalla for these ostriches, these pink flamingos
  • The park of Nechichar for these zebras
Each is also home to many species of birds and offers splendid landscapes.