Ethiopia, country to be visited in 2014

The famous English website Rough Guide publishes its Top 10 countries to visit in 2014 and Ethiopia is being honored arriving first in this ranking.

Ethiopia, the birthplace of humanity is the destination for travelers seeking thrills. Ethiopia still unknown allows you to combine history, nature, meetings with the tribes of the Omo Valley, trekking in the gorgeous mountains of Simien and Bale, adventure in the Danakil depression. Rough Guide was not mistaken.

The New York Times has a ranking of 52 countries to visit in 2014, Ethiopia and Addis Ababa arrived 13th.

The historical legacy of Ethiopia, shall be honored Addis Ababa with one of the oldest art schools of the East African. The capital hosts many events in 2014 turned to photography, cinema, jazz. In May and June will be an exhibition on the theme “Ras Tafari”.