Bike tour through the great Ethiopia

For those looking for the challenge and the adventure of a lifetime and want to explore and ride through some of the toughest and most spectacular landscapes of Ethiopia, you can make a special tour of the Ethiopia bike

Main features


ATE 701


14 days/13 nights




Addis-Abeba, Bhirdar, Gondar, Simien, Lalibella


- Bicycle tours on different terrains
- Highlands , gorges of the Horn of Africa
- Visit the sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO
- Semien Mountains
- Discovery of ethnic groups


From 1 750 €. Price subject to a minimum number of participants

Bike circuits short and long durations are specially designed to carry you through the highlands and in the gorges of the Horn of Africa which will provide an unforgettable experience for lovers of unique travel
Participants will be exalted by the rich culture , more than 3,000 years of history, the cradle of humanity , geographic and environmental diversity.
Our tours through some spectacular scenery and the territories of ethnic groups such as the Amhara , Oromo , Gurage and other populations in the highlands of Abyssinia
You can find your way historical , cultural and archaeological sites of empires and kingdoms that go back several centuries.

Preview your route, ask for the brochure with the form for more details or information.
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