Danakil Depression Erta Ale et Dallol and multiple extensions

The Danakil Depression is one of the most remote , lower and unique geological formations in the world located in the Great Rift Valley , it is an amazing opening in the bowels of the Earth.
Far from civilization, the scorching Danakil desert is home to two volcanoes : Erta Ale and Dallol offering a magic show, magma symphony of colors , geysers and salt lakes punctuate your exploration.

Main features


ATE 304


5 days - 4 nights + extension


camping – hotels


Awash National Park - Addis Ababa - Semera - Lake Hasale and Dallol - Lake Afrera - Erta Ale volcano - Emegubi - Ahmedale - Addis Ababa


- 5 days in the Danakil
- Night at the foot of Erta Ale
- Dallol
- Spectacular walks on volcanoes
- Meeting of the Afar people
- Complete logistics and quality

Departure date

From september to march


Depends on extensions.

From Danakil Depression, multiple extensions are possible.

A first step to Dallol located 116 m below sea level , to discover one of the most unusual places on the planet : a volcano formed acid pools of bright color with a range of varied shades of emerald , sapphire, ruby, gold ! . This stunning desert is also the territory of Afar salt extractors that perpetuate traditional trade large salt caravans .

This adventure takes you to the Erta Ale volcano with its lava lake absolutely unique and permanent rash. The huge crater and its bubbling molten lava gushing from the depths of the earth, roaring beast , Erta Ale offers the traveler an unforgettable and unique experience .

Your steps will lead you to the lakes Assale or thousands of camels form endless caravans carrying their precious cargo of salt to the highlands.


Indelible memories of another world guaranteed.

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