Meskel Festival in Gondar , Omo Valley , Bale and trekking in the Simien

A diverse to give you a very good overview of what you can offer Ethiopia trip. The Omo Valley and ethnicities, montanges Bale and Simien or you’ll be trekking 3 days , visiting monasteries of Lake Tana .
The festival Meskal – Discovery of the True Cross is an Ethiopian national holiday which is celebrated on September 27 , the country famous Meskel lighting a huge fire which represents the ” cross” called ” Demera ” in Amharic. Unique opportunity for Ethiopians to come together in moments of great joy, singing and dancing .

Main features


ATE 602


18 days / 17 nights


hotel / lodges / camping


Addis Ababa - Debre Libanos - Debre Markos - Gondar - Bhirdar - Mountains Simien and Bale - Jinka - Turmi - Konso - Chincha - Arbaminch - Addis Ababa


• Meskel Festival in Gondar
• Discovery Gondar BhirDar
• private boat trip on Lake Tana
• Meeting with ethnic groups in the Omo Valley
• Market crocodiles, hippos at Lake Chamo
• Trekking in the Simien with a team of professional and high quality logistics
• Bale Mountains , Nyala and Ethiopian Wolf


From 2 160 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of participants

Meskel festival will conclude your journey from north to south and it is Gondar you attend this festival.

Before this , you will go to the highlands of Bale Mountains to the discovery of Nyala and Ethiopian Wolf .

You will continue with the Omo Valley and meet major ethnic Hamer, Dorze , Konso , Karo Nyangatom and equally famous Mursi women or trays.

Then a ride on Lake Chamo or focus crocodiles , hippos, pelicans and many bird species.

The Simien Mountains and Gelada baboons welcome you for a trekking quite accessible than 3 days or you will be surrounded by nature.

Finally, you will visit the sites and castles of Gondar and the islands of Lake Tana monasteries .

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