Omo valley tribes

Isolated for thousands of years around the world , the beautiful valley of the Omo is home to an exciting mix of many small and distinctive tribal groups.
In this captivating region , you are privileged to witness old customs and ancestral rituals , you will learning symbolisms that are an integral part of the daily life of these unique people.

Main features


ATE 105


10 days/9 nights




This trip start on Monday to attend the main marketsAddis Ababa - Tiya stèles - Turmi - Jinka - Konso - Market Keyafer - Mursi - Hammer - Arbaminch - Dorze - Lakes Langan , Ziway , Shala and Abyjata


- ceremonies
- bull jumping in Hamer
- Colorful markets , high hangouts different ethnic groups
- At Lake Langano : horse riding, cycling , fishing, swimming are possible


From 1 700 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of 12 participants

You will discover Tiya Steles and Langano, and meet the Mursi or famous women shelf, Hamer and body paint and the bull jumping by young teenagers who fall into adult life . The Konso Cultural Landscape World Heritage by UNESCO, Dorze village and their houses Dorze “elephants” . Their lifestyles are as varied as the tribes themselves. Lacking any modernity , culture , hunting , crafts remain their main resources.

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