Rafting on the Omo River

rafting on the Omo river

The Omo River is an immensely popular river in Southern Ethiopia. The water body initiates from the Shewan highlands and moves towards south, empting into the Lake Turkana, located at the border of Kenya. Why don’t try some rafting on the Omo River?

As the river moves further, it gains momentum by falling off from an incredible height of six thousand feet! Thundering along the deep canyons, the river moves through dense forested areas. Considered to be one of the most remote areas, the Omo River is also noted as one of the most sought-after scenic places on the earth.

The park is not easily accessible, as the current means of access is via Omorate and the ferry to the north bank of the river.

From the first hour of the trip, a series of challenging rapids spices descent. However, no fast that you will encounter is dangerous and no experience is required to practice rafting in Ethiopia.

The variety of landscapes throughout the journey is truly exceptional from steep gorges with spectacular desert plain. You will discover countless secondary streams with waterfalls, water slides, hot springs, cool pools.

Hippos nearby boats, crocodiles basking in the sun, bushbuck, colobus monkeys playing through the trees, baboons who keep their cliffs …. The set amidst lush vegetation: giant euphorbia, jasmine, rare orchids , acacias.

This beautiful environment would not be complete without a huge variety of water birds like African eagles, herons Goliath, kingfishers, bee-eaters, storks, kites, vultures and more. Can you hear as if by magic, sweet lament emerald dove wood, purring sparkling white eyebrows coucal and hoarse croaking of hornbills silver cheeks.

  • Rafting on the Omo River

    Rafting on the Omo River

    24 days/23 nights
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