Photography in Ethiopia

You are a photographer or producer and want to make a documentary in Ethiopia? Send us your project, we will bring you the solution.

You are an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, workshop organizer with groups formed and you want to discover unique peoples or places, Aisha Tours Ethiopia offers you to look at Ethiopia differently.

So why choose Ethiopia to exercise your passion?


Because beyond the beauty of the pictures, Ethiopia offers an exceptional cocktail full of emotions.

Your tailor made trips or according to our established programs will guarantee unforgettable experiences with a dose of adventure, culture, encounters and discoveries.

The TOP 7 good reasons to choose Ethiopia to exercise your passion for photography


N° 1 – The different ethnic group of the Omo Valley. In immersion and closer to these populations, photography is at its peak. The Omo Valley is home to many ethnic groups whose ancestral traditions are part of their daily lives. The Suri or Surma and their floral ornaments, the hamer with their body paints, the Mursi and their women with lips plate are just a few examples of what makes heaven for many photographers. Learn more about the different ethnic group of Ethiopia.

N° 2 – The Danakil DESERT experience. Entering the Danakil Depression sends you to another planet. With Dallol and its multicolored basins, Erta Ale in permanent activity and its salt caravans where the extractors work under oppressive heat that can go up to 50°. Learn more about Danakil.

N° 3FAUNA and its endemic species. In preserved and wild environments, patience is the key word to hunt, among other things, the images of the Ethiopian wolf, the Wyala, the Ibex, the Gelada baboon, many birds of prey and birds, the black-maned lion or even the elephants. Ethiopia has around 20 national parks, some perched at more than 4,000 meters above sea level and others located in the Rift Valley. Learn more about national park.

N° 4RELIGIOUS PILGRIMAGES as they do not exist anywhere else. Attending in particular the festivities of GENA (Orthodox Christmas) of Timket (Epiphany), of MESKEL (the true cross) of FASIKA (Easter) AXUM SION is not only exceptional for your objectives but wandering through the processions led by the priests, bewitched by the songs or the fervor of the Ethiopians, is above all an unforgettable intense emotion. For a different experience, the unknown SHEIKH HUSSIEN pilgrimage is a place of intimate encounters. Learn more about religious pilgrimages.

N° 5 – CHURCHES dug into the mountain. To appreciate these places charged with spirituality, there is no need to be a believer or a practitioner to be bewitched by so much majesty. Your cameras will capture the intense fervor of the Ethiopian people and will be the open window on a magical architectural heritage. Combining with a pilgrimage date remains the must! Lean more about churches.

No. 6The city that feeds HYENAS. The fortified city of Harar and its 80 mosques is a maze of alleys sheltering houses with colorful facades and which in the evening feed the hyenas. Between explosions of color during the day and darkness of the night, the contrast is immense. Learn more about Harar.

N° 7 – BIRDS WATCHING. A trip dedicated to bird watching is of course a must for trips to Ethiopia. Many species all over the country find refuges while many other species are endemic to Ethiopia. In the mountains and around the many lakes of the country, your telephoto lenses will crackle. Learn more about birds.

Aisha Tours Ethiopia organizes your best tours to offer you the most beautiful photos or videos and your most beautiful memories. Contact us to organize together your trip dedicated to photography. Our experienced guides who are close to the communities will allow you to live unique experiences.