Photography Ethiopia

You are a photographer or producer and want to make a documentary in Ethiopia ? Send us your project, we will bring you the solution.
You are an amateur (or not)photographer, you want to get the support and advice of a professional photographer, Aisha Tours Ethiopia in collaboration with Christian Baillet offers you watch Ethiopia otherwise.

About your photographer guide : Christian Baillet

Visual emotions hunter, Christian Baillet have developed a photographic approach that is characterized by « Look, Observe, Be Touched … Capturing emotion. »

Christian started doing photography in the days of film photography and he adapted his technique to digital photography.

It was during his first trip to Kenya he become passionate about the African continent.During his travels, he is driven by the discovery of beautiful scenery, hot environments, wildlife and respect for the other, that it meets or crosses it.

For the past 40 years, he has travelled and photographed more than 30 countries. From Sahara to Victoria Falls, Dakar and the Masai Mara plains. He has photographed landscapes, faces, street scenes and animal life. He has adapted his practice of photography at the evolution of the material, its modes of travel and its various centers of photographic interests.

Christian considers « The Journey » as the opportunity to have enriching encounters, feel many emotions and live multiple photographic situations.

His Philosophy of the accompanying group of photographers on a trip is:

– Be attentive to your photographic needs

– You transmit the technique just to make your photos and bring the images you’ll be proud.


To allow you to advance your practice of photography every evening a « technical meeting » will be organized around one photographic theme, for example, travel photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, nature photography or street photography so that each participant to journey progresses. In addition, for those who wish, your main pictures of the day will be analysed to highlight the strengths and areas for improvement.

Be attentive to your photographic needs, you transmit the just technique are the objectives for you to achieve pictures to be proud and so bring fond memories.

(Credit slideshow of Christian Baillet)

Aisha Tours Ethiopia offers travel in small groups, designed according to an approach devised by the talented photographer and if close to the people, with time, to photograph the lights of different colours.