You wish to travel in couple or individual in ethiopia

Individual travel ( single or couple ) have your preference, tranquility, privacy, flexibility, freedom! Emotions will be waiting for you, come and live with us safely in this authentic Africa : Ethiopia !

You can travel throughout Ethiopia ; Our tours take you with the confort to north with the historic route and its heritage sites of UNESCO as Lalibela, Axum, Gondar, Bhirdar ; South to meet the tribes of the Omo Valley and their ancestral culture, in the Danakil Depression with its volcanoes, lunar landscapes and the Afar people, or national park ride or trekking. You want to rest lakeside with beach atmosphere is also possible.
Individual travel allows you to build any special relationship with the people, to live your holiday at your own pace and can be adapted.

We offer all these and more if you want to customize your program.