Ethiopia, your travel destination for sports and sports clubs

Ethiopia is ideal for sports in all originality, your sports travel with friends or with your club, trekking, cycling, mountain biking, rafting, this is no longer a dream but a reality !
Short or long durations circuits are specially designed to carry you through the highlands, in the gorges of the Horn of Africa or in the Omo Valley which offer an unforgettable experience for lovers of travel unique.
Cyclists or VTT seeking the challenge and adventure of a lifetime and want to explore some of the toughest and most spectacular landscapes of Ethiopia, you can make a great bike ride in the northern Ethiopia.

Ideal for rafting, Omo river came highland Shewan moves south to Lake Turkana on the border of Kenya. The river grows falling an incredible height of six thousand feet! Along deep canyons, the river travels through dense forest areas. Spectacular canyons, runs through the rapids, arrival in the serene pools and wildlife is prolific, troops of monkeys, birds of prey and colorful birds, crocodiles and hippos ubiquitous songs. Rafting equipment is provided or you can bring your own, everything is possible!

For trekking enthusiasts, what could be more beautiful than the Bale Mountains and the mountains of Semien, with days 4 to 8 hours walk you will encounter families Gelada baboons, the Wyala Ibex, red fox and discover flora surprising. All camping equipment is transported by mules driven by your cook and expert guides.