Why choose Aisha Tours Ethiopia for your trip in Ethiopia?

French Travel Specialist for your trip in Ethiopia, Aisha Tours Ethiopia is established with the aim of providing professional and efficient tour facilitation services to its esteemed travelling clients to discover the living natural beauty of Ethiopia. The organization with its head offices in Montrouge near Paris and Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa organizes tours with professional and experienced staffs.

We provide to our guests every detail, from air and road transfers and accommodation to tourists and other activities will be taken care of for you. All you have to do is enjoy the spirit of Ethiopia with us. Our aim at Aisha Tours Ethiopia, besides our commitment to nature conservation, is to provide our guests with the ultimate Ethiopian experience. To ensure this only the best services, travelling sites and good accommodations have been selected and guests are transferred between destinations by scheduled and luxurious land travels so that you may spend the maximum amount of time in the wilderness. Guests are accompanied by experienced guides and rangers at all times who will be at your service throughout your entire travel with in Ethiopia. We hope to have you along on an unforgettable travel that will bring you back time and time again. We hope that you enjoy our site and look forward to receiving your e-mail, so that we can create an Ethiopian dream vacation for you.

With Ethiopian and French tourism operation enthusiasts managers, the agency based in France and Ethiopia having registered in both France and Ethiopia offers a perfect knowledge of Ethiopia with founders having more than 15 years of experiences in tour guiding and operation.

The company being operating with its own facilities and logistics provides reasonable prices with standard and agreed up on quality services to Ethiopia.

The use of Aisha Tours Ethiopia facilities is a reason for our fair prices and default free services we provide to the loyal clients. There are no third parties that inflate unnecessary costs to passionate travels to the beauty land of Africa-Ethiopia

Team Aisha Tours Ethiopia

Quality of services

Our main concern is to introduce to the world the wonderful country Ethiopia. To give you this opportunity, we arrange your individual or group travel, take you around the country and you will have unforgettable sensations, intense emotions and unforgettable memories.

Un de nos atouts majeurs est de savoir associer connaissances de la culture européenne et ainsi maîtriser ce qu’attendent nos clients et expertise de l’Ethiopie depuis plus de 15 ans pour les mettre au service du plus grand nombre et vous faire bénéficier de nos savoir-faire.

La logistique et le matériel utilisé appartiennent à  Aisha Tours Ethiopia, garantissant  ainsi à ces clients une maîtrise des prix : pas de location de matériel à des tiers venant  gonfler les coûts inutilement et  aucun intermédiaire à rémunérer.

Aisha Tours Ethiopia is also known for :

the quality / price ratio

the best financial terms without compromising the organization and comfort of your trip


everything is organized , reserved, controlled by our office in France and in Addis Ababa

personalized welcome

routes according to your choice and your interests



the use of high quality vehicles , controlled , safe and experienced drivers

services responsive enough

our multilingual guides who will help visitors to enter the traditional atmosphere and culture of this fascinating country.

The Aisha Tours Ethiopia network

Aisha Tours Ethiopia is in direct contact with local hotels and service providers from its own office in Addis Ababa by making use of our local network, our experience, our excellent service and our multi-channel, book your dream vacation in Ethiopia will be enjoyable and effortless for us.

Through our network, everything becomes possible. We can offer you a range of possibilités : tours, vacations, travel business, study tours, educational tours, mountain trekking, hotel reservations, all kinds of safaris, mountain trekking and desert riding and safaris camel, bird watching, leisure and water activities, sports bike, rafting, car hire, 4×4 and more.

Then do not hesitate, depart with Aisha Tours Ethiopia.