White water rafting in Ethiopia

Enjoy rafting in Ethiopia
White water rafting is a highly popular activity enjoyed on all continents. Ethiopia’s rivers have played an important role in the internationalization of this blend of sport, ecotourism and adventure. Spirited rapids, innumerable side creeks and waterfalls, sheer canyons, hot springs, abundant wildlife, and exotic local people combine to make the Omo River one of the world’s classic river adventures.

The Omo River Canyon remains one of the wildest, one of the most remote, and one of the most scenic places on Earth. Having been explored by only few western visitors, the Omo offers the greatest in all aspects of adventure : challenging terrain, exotic wildlife, extraordinary culture, and breathtaking scenery.

Trickling off remote portions of the Shewan highlands in northern Ethiopia, the Omo gains momentum from five major tributaries over its course, dropping more than six thousand feet in just under five hundred miles. Streaming through deep, forested gorges over the most desolate course in the world, tribal members said to have descended directly from the earliest homo sapiens to walk the planet – and still virtually unknown to the modern world – subsist off the river’s abundance of flora and fauna.

River trips have also been organized on the Awash River with short, but equally demanding rafting conditions, and other expeditions have been held on the Blue Nile.

We  organized white water  Rafting  on Omo RiverAwash and Blue Nile rivers, with very experienced and professional rafters, best equipment and services.