Adventure in Ethiopia

Some adventure in Ethiopia? Take a chance on adventure and explore incredible places in Ethiopia

Say that we will travel to Ethiopia , is already for some great adventure. A trip to Ethiopia opens the door to an unknown and mysterious land and thus inevitably full of new adventures.

Adventures that offers Aisha Tours Ethiopia remain secure and are just as diverse and strong emotion that down the Omo River rafting at the heart of life that comes alive on these shores , a bike route to be closer to the villagers and their way of life or meet the Afar people and volcanoes of the Danakil Depression , the hottest desert in the world and fabulous trekking on the roof of Africa the Simien or Bale .

And because each discovery is still an adventure, you can also enjoy unforgettable moments with specially designed itinerariesthat combine the rich history , culture , open spaces , flora and fauna with many endemic species and the last encounter with this people who welcome you and that each encounter is also a shared adventure in Ethiopia.