Festivals in Ethiopia

Be witness these ceremonies combining cultures, traditions and customs deeply rooted leaves you with an increased risk of having a real connection with your religion and even if you have no feeling, let yourself be overwhelmed by intense emotions .
Several festivals in Ethiopia are celebrated throughout the Ethiopian calendar a bright and sacred way. Among the most exciting, the new Ethiopian year (Enkutatash) on September 11, the festival of Meskel discovery of the True Cross, September 27, the Ethiopian Christmas (Genna) on January 7, commemorating the birth of Christ, the Festival of Timkat Festival (Epiphany) Baptism of Christ, celebrated on January 19, the Ethiopian Easter (Fasika) is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus.

These festivals that punctuate the life of every Ethiopian, are celebrated throughout the country. The priests are dressed in their embroidered cloaks and twinkling, multicolored umbrellas, dresses and traditional songs are waiting for you, Genna (Christmas) is particularly majestic in the rock churches of Lalibela, Timket can be lived in Lalibela, Gondar in pool Emperor Fassiladas or Addis Ababa. Meskel in Gondar , Axum, Bhardir and Addis Ababa or the place the most important ceremony. You will experience the New Year in traditional Ethiopian restaurants or music and dance will take you to the new year.