BODI special Ka’el

We want to offer you this particular trip to southern Ethiopia to the Omo Valley in the heart of the Rift Valley, where many tribes that make the wealth of Ethiopia live.
With more than 80 different ethnic groups with their own language, culture and traditions, the Omo Valley will give you the unique witness and festivals play an important role in everyday life occasion.

Main features


ATE 203


5 days/4 nights




Addis Ababa - Jimma - Mago


- Traditional Ceremonies
- Special Ka'el event

Departure date

June or july


From 1 200 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of 9 to 12 participants

Bodi special Ka’el or the festest young men’s Day. An event not to be missed.

You should probably ask yourself about this program.

The bodi ethnic group never appears on traditional travel programs in Ethiopia. Yet this ethnicity deserves the detour.

It is important to note that each ethnic group in Ethiopia has its own culture, its own traditions and its own practices, which makes the cultural diversity of Ethiopia very rich and interesting.

The tradition

The Bodi, also known as Me’en, are an ethnic group in the southwest region of Ethiopia. They are known for their pastoral lifestyle and their scarification practice as a means of beauty and social differentiation.

Once a year, the peoples of this remote place meets for a fairly special celebration. Indeed the bodi ethnicity celebrates Ka’el. The new Year.

Ka’el marks the start of the year in the Bodi calendar and is celebrated in June or July. The chief of the Village decides the date according to the Moon.

The celebration of Ka’el is marked by the competition between men. This explains this name bodi known as Me’en. Indeed these days celebrate the biggest man. To prepare men drink milk and eat honey several months before the date of this event in order to be as large as possible and thus gain respect for the members of the various clans. It also means that the winner will be the lust of many women.

Ka’el is an important celebration for Bodi, who consider this opportunity to be a moment of renewal and reconciliation with members of their community.

Register for this BODI special Ka’el program. Unique event not to be missed.

The options

This program can be combined with Surmas and also with other ethnicities in the OMO valley.

Preview your route, ask for the brochure with the form for more details or information.

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