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Welcome to the beautiful historic route of Ethiopia fascinating past ! Visit four World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: the spectacular steles more than 2000 years of Axum, the rock churches of Lalibela built there more than 800 years, the castles of Gondar, the island monasteries of Lake Tana the great Blue Nile Falls, the beautiful Simien Mountains, Awash national parc, the less visited but equally impressive churches of Tigray rock-hewn.

Main features


ATE 500


16 days/15 nights




Addis Ababa - Debre Markos - Bhirdar - Gondar - Debark - Semien Mountains - Axum - Lalibela - Mekele – Woldia - Awash - Addis Ababa


- 4 sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO
- Rock churches of Lalibela
- Tigray rock churches
- Private boat trip on Lake Tana
- two national parc (Simien and Awash)
- Endemic Gelada baboons, ibex and red fox


From 2 210 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of 9 to 12 participants

Your steps will lead you to Lalibela “eighth wonder of the world” built into the rock in which it stands, these monolithic churches were built in the 12th century but some have been dated to the 10th century. There are eleven churches, gathered in three groups.
Gondar is famous for its many medieval castles and the design and decoration of its churches. The first castle was built by Fasilidas itself and is still in excellent condition.
You will be surprised to know that the Ethiopians believe that the real Ark of the Covenant is housed in the church of St. Mary of Zion in Axum. The high alive priest of the church is the only person to it. Axum also lead you in the footsteps of Queen Sabba.
Finally you will discover exceptional Simien Mountains and Gelada baboons and the Awash National Park.

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