Grand Tour of Ethiopia

Ethiopia , the birthplace of humanity , reveals its history, its culture and its secrets through this exceptional journey.
This country, twice as big as France, full of beauty and offers a wide variety of landscapes, traditions , religions, flora and fauna , meetings . Ethiopia is full of generosity and gathers peaks over 4000 meters high , steep valleys , rock churches , ethnic groups in the Omo Valley , national parks , lakes , home to many species of birds. This trip is filled with emotion and guaranteed unforgettable memories .

Main features


ATE 204


29 days / 28 nights




Addis Ababa - Debre Markos - Bhirdar - Gheralta - Axum - Simien Mountains - Gondar - Lalibela - Kombolcha - Konso - Jinka - Turmi - Arbaminch - Awash - Bale Mountains - Goba - Awassa - Wondogenet - Harar - Addis Ababa.


- Visit to Ethiopia in a single trip
- Diversity of discoveries and encounters with the southern tribes .
- Historic sites classified as UNESCO heritage
- Highlands of Bale Mountains
- Simien Mountains
- Harar and the house of Arthur Rimbaud
- Discovery of many endemic animals


From 4.060 € basis of 12 participants.
Inscription open for trip starting 11 november to 9 december 2017

With its fascinating historic road, cultural richness of the ancient kingdom of Abyssinia , architectural treasures are the cities of Gondar and Lalibela , AxumUNESCO World Heritage punctuate the trip with a touch of history. The island monasteries of Lake Tana ‘ll deliver well-preserved and protected with pride frescoes.

A foray into the majestic mountains of Simien you will see families Gelada baboons and appreciate the special flora of the high peaks . Then Gheralta to cave monasteries secretly guarded by the priests who devote their lives to their faith.

The discovery of the country continues entering the tranquility of the small villages along the Omo River . In the thickness of a time punctuated by pastoral activities , you will be at the heart of the lives of these nomadic tribes and sedentary , worshiping the beauty manifested in body paint and again, amazing beauty criterion by the clay pigeon in the lower lip insert mutilated .

This trip allows some relaxation in Awash National ParkAwassa and hot springs as well as Wondogenet Langano .

You will go to the Bale Mountains , Plateau Sanetti and will be fascinated by the Nyala and Ethiopian Wolf operating in a sometimes hostile environment.

Finally, you will not leave Ethiopia without getting lost in the streets of the captivating and colorful WAR Harar .

Let yourself go to meet this wild and unspoilt Africa

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