Great Ethiopia

Your vision of Ethiopia will never be the same after this extraordinary trip ! Ethiopia vast country of contrasts and fascinating brand minds since antiquity offers a very wide range . In the north, the Danakil desert overlooking the Rift Valley with its volcanoes, the highest peaks over 4000 meters high , steep valleys, rock-hewn churches and Christian traditions complement this painting. To the south, an ethnic approach in the valley of the Omo which preserves the traditions , the obsession with beauty, the warrior spirit , a way of life identity . Ethiopia would not be without this huge range and wildlife national parks and lakes with many species of birds.

Main features


ATE 205


27 days / 28 nights


Hotels / Lodges / Camping


Addis Ababa - Kombolcha - Mekele - Dallol Danakil - Gheralta - Axum - Tekking Simien Mountains - Gondar - Lalibela - Konso - Jinka - Turmi - Arbaminch - Bale Mountains - Goba - Sof Omar - Langano - Abijata and Shalla - Addis Ababa


- Visit to Ethiopia in a single trip
- Diversity of discoveries and encounters with the southern tribes .
- Unique Geology of the Great Rift Valley Ave Dallol
- Historic sites classified as UNESCO heritage
- Trekking in the Simien with professional guides and supply of high quality
- Highlands of Bale Mountains
- Discovery of many endemic animals


From 4.480 € basis of 12 participants.
Inscription open for trip starting 9 october to 4 november 2017

Visit Ethiopia in a single trip! It takes you into the Danakil to meet Afar their salt caravans and Dallol multicolor acid basins lunar landscapes . With its fascinating historic road , spectacular stelae over 2000 years of Axum, the rock churches of Lalibela built there more than 800 years , the castles of Gondar , the island monasteries of Lake Tana , the great falls of the Nile blue.

A few days trekking in the majestic mountains of Simien you will see families Gelada baboons and appreciate the special flora of the high peaks . Then your Gheralta incursion into the cave monasteries secretly guarded by the priests who devote their lives to their faith.


You will drive to the Omo Valley in the heart of the Rift Valley , where more than 80 different ethnic groups with their own language, culture and traditions live , you have the unique opportunity to witness traditional ceremonies and festivals play an important role in everyday life . You will be closer to Hamer, Mursi, the Konso , the Geleb of these people who live outside of time.

You go find the Bale mountains , plateau Sanetti and be fascinated by the Nyala and Ethiopian Wolf moving in breathtaking landscapes to the caves of Sof Omar . Finally you will end by lakes Langano , Shalla and Abijata hotspots migration of many species of birds.

A fascinating tour of Ethiopia !

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