Timket festival in Lalibela or Gondar and historic route

This trip allows you to be the privileged witness of the oldest and most colorful festival celebrated in Ethiopia Timket Festival . It commemorates the baptism of Christ for three days of religious fervor culminating takes place on January.
These exceptional festivities are punctuated by prayers, songs, dances, are ready dressed in their embroidered and colorful umbrellas and capes . Processions Tabot – replica of the Ark of the Covenant ” complete these commemorations.

Main features


ATE 601


11 days / 10 nights


hotel / lodges


Addis Ababa - Axum - Gondar - Bhirdar - Lalibela


• Timket Festival in Lalibela or Gondar or any other city
• Picturesque scenery of the historic Route
• Discovery of the royal cities of Abyssinia
• private boat trip on Lake Tana

Departure date



From 2 795 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of 9 to 12 participants

You will attend this festival of TIMKET in one of the high places of Orthodoxy around the rock churches of Lalibella or around the swimming pool of King Fassiledes of Gondar. Depending on your choice, your trip will start on two different dates in January, Timket being celebrated on January.

You can also attend TIMKET in Addis Ababa or even more atypical and off the beaten track on LAKES TANA or ZIWAY. An experience aboard private boats following the boat processions.

On this journey of discovery, you will visit the incomparable sites of Ethiopia’s historical route among which four sites are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, including: Aksum, Lalibela, Gondar, the island of monasteries from Lake Tana, the palace of the Queen of Sheba.

Your program will be adapted accordingly, if you choose LAC ZIWAY for your TIMKET.

Preview your route, ask for the brochure with the form for more details or information.

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