Trekking in the Semien Mountains and Panoramas views, unique churches

For nature and walking lovers, the highlight of this trip is the National Park Simien Mountains World Heritage since 1978.
It covers the Semien Mountains and includes the highest peak in Ethiopia and one of the highest in Africa , Ras Dashan 4550 m altitude.
Although Simien is in Africa and near the equator, snow and ice appear on the highest peak . The families of Gelada baboons and the Walia Ibex live in peace.

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ATE 402


23 days/22 nights


Camping - hotels


Addis Ababa - Bhirdar - Gondar - Debark - Semien Mountains ( Geech , Ras Dashan , Tekese , Sankaber , Ambilco , Sisomender , Tenterna , Mesha , Ziquala , Soriel , Sekota , Welia , Asketema , Taba , Bilbala , Lalibela - Addis Ababa


- 5 and 8 hours of walking for 15 days through the rugged Simien
- Riding the Simien (optionally)
- Trip to Ras Dashen 4543 m2
- Cook and logistics ( tents, food , water, cooking equipment ) accompany you on a mule - Discover the historic sites of the ancient kingdom of Abyssinia : Lalibela , Gondar , Bahar Dar and Addis Ababa.


From 2 990 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of participants

The tour begins with the north, the Blue Nile, which originates at Lake Tana in Bhirdar and waterfalls accessible after a walk up Tisiat will enchant you as well as the monasteries on the islands of Lake Tana affordable boat .

Gondar castles of the seventeenth century and the church Fasiladas bath with splendid frescoes.

In a breathtaking environment , you continue with 15 days of trekking to meet the Amhara and Tigray peoples , to discover the flora and fauna , Finally, your steps will lead you to the majestic Lalibela , “eighth wonder of the world ” internationally famous for its cave and monolithic churches dating from the 12th century and built in the rock in which they stood.

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