Awra Amba, when Ethiopia meet Millau

Awra Amba, when Ethiopia meet Millau

Zumra Nuru, founder of the Awra Amba community, was Tuesday, April 8, in Millau (Aveyron) on the Larzac plateau.

Awra Amba is a village and an Ethiopian community of about 400 members, located 74 kilometers east of Bahir Dar in the Amhara region, north-west of the capital Addis Ababa. It was founded in 1972 by 66 people led by Nuru Zumra to solve socio-economic problems through self-help in an egalitarian and free from sexism break with the traditions of the Amhara people mind.

Do not adhering to Christianity nor Islam, Awra Amba community is discriminated by the two dominant religions in the country but regularly joined by new members attracted by the principles of justice, equality and solidarity which underpin excluding the profit and domination.

The people of Awra Amba Community are somewhat different in their social activities. They believe in God but they never loved any God. They work together and share, without any profit, individual competence or energy on a specific task or activity. no
division of labor. As the man performs a task, the woman doing the same job. They never promoted or benefit their family. If a person in the community is sick or gets old, people responsible for managing all needs to make this living person and treated as a human being are designated.

No ritual activities. Here, you will never see a single person begging or stealing people. Here, respect for the other is a function of age.