Cultural mosaic of the Omo tribes and Bale mountains

The Great Rift Valley , huge crack on the surface of the earth, stretching across Africa , Mozambique through the Red Sea. In Ethiopia, it is filled with unique wildlife , birds and amazing scenery, leading alpine mountains of Bale to Omo Valley which contains remarkable and contrasting ethnic groups.

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ATE 102


10 days/9 nights


Hotels – Camping


Addis Ababa - Bale Mountains - Sanetti Plateau - Arbaminch - Lake Chamo - Jinka - Mursi - Turmi - Omorate - Konso - Hawassa - Abyjata Shalla - Addis Abeba


- Discover the culture and way of life unique to each tribal village, three local and colorful weekly markets.
- Cultural events such as the bull jumping Hamer people, Donga fight sticks, traditional dances.
- Culture Konso terraces and ancient social practices classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.
- Volcanic lakes with their famous collection of birds, national park
- Discover Abyssinia wolf, Nyala


From 1 700 €. Prices are subject to a minimum base of participants.

This tour takes you from the Bale mountains and the discovery of endemic mammals in Ethiopia as Ethiopian Wolf , the Nyala bewitch you like the natural eco- system and varied that develops . The ethnic mosaic that people of the Omo Valley and not only Bume and Konso , but also Gelebe , the Bodi , the Mursi, the Surma , the Arbore , Hamer , the Nyanghatom to name a few – together , you will discover traditions and each maintains its cultural identity and finds unique ways in the world to express their artistic impulses.

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