Ethnic mosaic of the Omo valley and Bale

The Great Rift Valley , huge crack on the surface of the earth, stretching across Africa , Mozambique through the Red Sea. In Ethiopia, it is filled with unique wildlife , birds and amazing scenery, leading alpine mountains of Bale to Omo Valley which contains remarkable and contrasting ethnic groups.

Main features


ATE 102


10 days/9 nights


Hotels – Camping


Addis Ababa - Bale Mountains - Sanetti Plateau - Arbaminch - Lake Chamo - Jinka - Mursi - Turmi - Omorate - Konso - Hawassa - Abyjata Shalla - Addis Abeba


- Discover the culture and way of life unique to each tribal village, three local and colorful weekly markets.
- Cultural events such as the bull jumping Hamer people, Donga fight sticks, traditional dances.
- Culture Konso terraces and ancient social practices classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.
- Volcanic lakes with their famous collection of birds, national park
- Discover Abyssinia wolf, Nyala

Departure date

All the year


From 2.400 €. Prices are subject to a minimum base 9 to 12 participants.

Ethnic mosaic of the Omo Valley and Bale, with its mountains will take you from the mammals endemic to Ethiopia to the peoples from Omo.

The ethnic mosaic of the Omo Valley and Bale is a good combination to vary the pleasures.

Indeed, a good balance between the many peoples and nature. The Konso, but also the Gelebe, the Bodi, the Mursi, the Surma, the Arbore, the Hamer, the Nyanghatom to name a few, inhabit this part of the great Rift.

Each people will make you discover its ancestral traditions. Indeed, everyone preserves their cultural identity and finds unique means in the world to express their artistic creations.

Some wear the labrate like the Mursi women with trays. Others practice bull jumping to enter adulthood.

It should be noted that the cultural landscapes of Konso are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is particularly due to these cultures in stone terraces. Magnificent!

In Bale, you will discover the Ethiopian wolf and the Nyala evolved in a natural and varied ecosystem. The landscapes of the Bale Mountains are exceptional. They combine high plateaus and mountains. The highest point being the Tulu Dimtu at 4,377 meters above sea level.

Many species of birds find refuge there. It is not uncommon to find snow on the Sanetti plateau in winter.

You can’t get to the Bale Mountains without going to Harena Forest. The very dense forest covers about 4,000 km2. One of its peculiarities is the moss that grows on the trunks of trees giving this forest a very mystical aspect.

Finally, the Bale mountains are a haven of peace that you will appreciate.

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