From North to South Ethiopia

This comprehensive tour takes you North of Ethiopia with its fascinating past four essential historical sites and world heritage of UNESCO to southern Ethiopia to the discovery of many ethnic groups whose diversity traditions and cultural richness make meetings unusual.

Main features


ATE 200


18 days/17 nights




Addis Ababa - Bhirdar - Gondar - Debark - Semien Mountains - Axum - Lalibela - Kombolcha - Arbaminch - Jinka - Turmi - Konso - Awassa - Addis Ababa


- 4 sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO
- Rock churches of Lalibela
- Private boat trip on Lake Tana
- Endemic Gelada baboons , ibex and red fox
- Major ethnic groups in the south and colorful markets

Departure date

All the year


From 3.495 € per person

From North to South of Ethiopia is a great way to discover Ethiopia through the emblematic sites of Ethiopia.

The North

The north of the country is often referred to as the historic route. it has always fascinated travelers. Here is an overview of what awaits you with this program:

  • Impressive 2,000-year-old stelae of Axum
  • Rock-hewn churches of Lalibela which date back over 800 years. The churches are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and represent a masterpiece of Ethiopian medieval architecture.
  • Gondar, a historic city famous for its castles dating back to the 17th century, built during the era of King Fasilidas.
  • the monasteries located on the islands of Lake Tana. Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia. Indeed, the lake is also home to a series of Ethiopian Orthodox monasteries, mostly dating from the 14th century, which have become an important place of pilgrimage for Orthodox believers.
  • the majestic falls of the Blue Nile which originates at Lake Tana,
  • a visit to the stunning Simien Mountains to observe families of Gelada baboons and learn about the unique flora of the high peaks.

It is in the north that we also attend religious festivities.

The South

The Omo Valley is a region located in southwestern Ethiopia along the Omo River. Everyone regards this region as one of the most culturally diverse places in Africa. It is home to over 80 different ethnic groups, each with their own language, culture and traditions.

The peoples of the Omo Valley have retained their traditional ways of life. They are based on agriculture, cattle breeding and hunting. They also developed unique cultural practices, such as scarification, the wearing of body piercings, and the ritual of bull jumping.

This experience will offer you a unique opportunity to witness ancestral ceremonies and festivals that play an important role in the daily life of these peoples. You will meet the Hamer, Mursi, Dorze, the Konso, and the Geleb, to immerse yourself in their timeless way of life.

To conclude, from north to south of Ethiopia is an excellent idea of travel.

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