Omo Valley out of time

Traveling in the Great Rift Valley is a unique and unforgettable experience. The great African rift was born after the African plate began to separate. In Ethiopia, the main lakes that have formed are eight in size ranging from 129 km2 for the smallest “Awassa Lake” and 1,162 km for the largest “Lake Abaya”. They are the refuge of many species of birds.
Suffice to say that Ethiopia is far from this country that many believe to be dry, arid, desert.
There is also the 760 km long Omo River that flows into Lake Turkana. In the Omo Valley live, very often near the river, many tribes of farmers and ranchers. The people of the Omo Valley are unknown and perpetuate ancestral customs and traditions. They have the art of body painting, adore jewelry, magnify their bodies with scarifications or labial ornaments, all criteria of beauty far from Western standards and so much more moving.
This trip takes you out of time. You will meet the Dorze famous for their weaving and living on Mount Chencha. Their habitat in the shape of “elephant head” characterizes this ethnic group.
The markets of Dimeka (Saturday and Monday) and Key Afer (Thursday) are places of inter-ethnic encounters. The opportunity to walk around the market where each ethnic group comes to sell these crops. You can meet Mursi, Hamer, Bena, Dessanech and many others.
The highlight is the Hamer. One of the most popular ethnic groups for their kindness, their welcome. Your path may be that of a young man who will return to adulthood with the bull-jump ceremony, that of those women in a trance drinking, dancing and being flogged, that of those cows who escape to not that we jump on their back, the one of those smiles inviting you to share … The time, then, stops.

Main features




8 days/7 nights


Addis Ababa / Tiya / Langano / Dorze / Arbaminch / Turmi / Awassa


• Steles of Tiya
• Ethnic group Dorze
• Lake Chamo
• Ethnic Markets Dimeka and Key Afer
• Hamer Ethnic and bull jump ceremony
• Fish Market and Awassa Lake
• Lake Ziway, Lake Langano

Departure date

All the year


From 440 euros per person base 10 participants

You will visit Tiya, an archaeological site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, consisting of 36 steals erected between the 10th and 15th centuries. They are surrounded by a tomb which suggests that they have a funeral use.
You will discover 4 lakes full of birds, the most impressive of which is probably Lake Chamo, home to dozens of bird species, crocodiles and hippopotamus families. Lake Langano symbolizes the idleness as it is the only lake in Ethiopia where it is possible to swim, or these coasts are equipped beach offering water activities.
Awassa Lakes are known for fishing returns with colonies of pelicans and marabouts.

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