Roof of Africa – Trekking in the Simien Mountains

Usually known as ” The Roof of Africa” , Ethiopia and especially the Simien Mountains are a paradise for hiking offering breathtaking landscapes , majestic flora and fauna endemic .
With the most spectacular landscapes of mountain in Africa , the great volcanic plugs Simien or ” chess pieces of the gods ,” there formed some 40 million years ago and eroded over centuries overlook the steep gorges , valleys river and plains.

Main features


ATE 400


12 days / 11 nights


camping – hotels


Addis Ababa - Gondar - Debark - Semien Mountains ( Geech , Ras Dashan , Sankaber , Ambico , Chenek , Immet Gogo - Addis Ababa


- 5 and 8 hours for 5 days walking through the rugged Simien
- Cook and logistics ( tents, food , water, cooking equipment ) accompany you on a mule .
- Discovery of Gondar , the former capital of the ancient kingdom of Abyssinia and its castles .


From 1 560,00 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of 9 to 12 participants

You begin your journey by visiting the castles of Gondar , the capital of Ethiopia in the 17th century ,
Your 5 day walk will take you through the landscapes covered by deep gorges, jagged caps and striking rock towers . You ‘ll find the Debrak to Sankaber , Chenek , Immet Gogo Geech , Ambiquo Ras Dashen with days 5 to 8 hours of operation.
This park is a refuge for many endemic species such as the Gelada baboon , the Walia Ibex , many species of birds and giant lobelia . The park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1974.

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