Safaris and cultural jewels of Harar

This trip will allow you to combine nature, wide open spaces and the fortified city of Harar considered as the 4th holy city of Islam.
Ethiopia has 20 national parks which are real reserves for a very large number of animals and plant species, some of which are endemic to Ethiopia, 8 main lakes and almost 100 rivers, including the Blue Nile. This exceptional environment makes Ethiopia a paradise of greenery whose protection of the environment is an issue highly respected by all.
Awash National Park is home to many animals such as dik-dik, kudu, oryx, columbus monkey, and various species of gazelle. At the edge of the Awash River waterfalls it is not uncommon to watch crocodiles lounging.
Compared to Awash Park, the Bale Mountains National Park, whose highest point is more than 4,300 meters above sea level, offers majestic expanses of immortal and giant lobelias. The Sanetti plateau is home to many species of birds, ducks and turkeys.
Dinsho allows you to admire the majestic Nyalas endemic in Ethiopia just like the wolf of Abyssinia.
You will be surprised by the forest of Harenna and its trees that seem to want to drown in the mist.

Main features




8 days/7 nights


Addis Ababa / Awash / Harar / Adama / Ziway / Awassa / Dinsho / Bale Mountains


• Awash Park and its wildlife
• Meeting with Hararies, colorful markets, traditional houses, hyenas meals
• Dinsho National Park, its fauna and flora
• Harenna Forest and Sanetti Plateau
• Lake Ziway
• Fish Market and Awassa Lake

Departure date

From September to June


From 440 euros per person base 10 participants

Harar, with its 82 mosques, some dating from the 10th century, is captivating. The traditional Harari houses with unique interior decoration, make it one of these cultural riches. The 5 gates of the walled city lead to the city and lead to a labyrinth of narrow streets lined with multicolored houses facades where we love to get lost.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1974, Harar holds many surprises for visitors. These colorful markets, its Khat market, its coffee brewery that make Harari coffee one of the best, its museum dedicated to Harari culture. You will follow in the footsteps of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud and visit his house-museum. The ideal is to sleep in the historic center of the city in a traditional house turned into a guesthouse to the delight of all and do not forget to go, at dusk, the meal of hyena traditions that is passed down generation in generation.

Harar remains an enchantment and a unique city in Ethiopia.

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