Surma flowers tribe of Ethiopia

The enigmatic Surma people in south- western Ethiopia , because of its geographic isolation, maintains a rich and unique culture , leads a nomadic existence in an earthly paradise .
This proud tribe has a great sense of beauty and expression , creativity manifests itself in intricate designs with which they – especially men decorate their bodies not only to appeal to women, but also for ceremonies and in particular for the fight stick called Donga

Main features


ATE 403


7 days/6 nights


camping – hotels


Addis Ababa - Jimma - Mizan Teferi - Maji - Kibish - Tulgit - Tepi : - Gambella - Nekemte - Addis Ababa


- Route coffee plantations
- Route off the beaten track
- Total immersion with Surma tribe
- Many extension are available

Departure date

All the year


From 1 725 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of 9 to 12 participants

Surma, flowers tribe of Ethiopia live on the southwest shore of the Omo valley.

His isolation makes an enigmatic Surma tribe.

Therefore, to join them, you will cross the coffee and khat plantations, the magnificent and picturesque gorges de Gibe and its river. You will arrive in Jimma, capital of the former Keffa province. It is in this region that coffee beans appeared for the first time.

Kibish is your base camp for your 4 -day stay with the Surma. Your experience of life with the Surma flowers tribe of Ethiopia begins. The beauty of women Surma is renowned for a strange custom. This custom is to unravel your lower lip to place a clay tray also called “labré”.

Surma are often considered as the flowers tribe of Ethiopia. This is due to their love for nature as well as its exploitation to enhance the beauty of women and children. Body paintings are also part of their attire.

You will experience unique moments with this population rarely visited and sometimes fearful. The Surmas still exceptionally practice the Donga– Combits with wooden sticks- of violence which can go as far as death. This ancestral tradition is now prohibited but it is sometimes possible to attend.

Possible combinations

This program among Surma can be combined with:

  • On the one hand, the other ethnic groups of the OMO valley. Indeed, the Peuble Bodi during the Kiel Festival, but also the Mursi, the Hamer, Dessanech are possible from the Surma villages.
  • On the other hand, with the visit of CHEBERA CHEBERA national park which remains an excellent combination opportunity. Indeed, this national park is very little visited. It houses a magnificent wild jungle and is the refuge of many elephants, buffaloes and birds. Do not hesitate to let us know your wish and we will bathe your dream program.

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