Trekking to the Bale mountains

National Park Bale Mountains is the largest area of Afro- alpine habitat across the continent. It offers visitors hiking or horseback unparalleled mountain while discovering many endemic mammals of Ethiopia.
Divided into two parts by the spectacular escarpment Harrena , an area of high altitude plateau at 4000 m form the landscape of Bale

Main features


ATE 401


8 days / 7 nights


camping – hotels


Addis Ababa - Bale Mountains - Dinsho - Valleys Geysay , Weib , Wasama - Tea Sanetti - Merero - Fincha Abera - Merero - Wasmea - Batu ( 4200 m) - Konte - Goba - Wondogenet


- Horseback riding can on request
- Wildlife endemic as Nyala Ethiopian Wolf
- Nature, discoveries, encounters.
- Material supply of high quality trekking


From 920 €. Prices are subject to a minimum basis of participants

With 6 days 5 and 8 hours of walking, you are used to trekking. This program will lead you to the highlands broken by numerous spectacular volcanic plugs , peaks , alpine lakes and beautiful mountain rivers cliffs that descend deep rocky gorges to the plains .
You go to discover the mountain Nyala , Abyssinian fox , Minilik Bush Bush , countless species of birds, as the Thick-billed Raven , Wattled Ibis , geese with blue wings, Rouget Rail.
Your steps will also lead through impressive forests, some of your camps near lake at the foot of cliffs.

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