The people Banna

The people Benna

The people Banna of Ethiopia, located around Key Afar and Weyto to the banks of the river, about 40 000 individuals. They engaged in farming and hunting.

The Banna have gross similarities with their cousins ​​Hamer who share their language, their customs and beliefs. Thus they engage in ritual dances and songs and celebrate the ceremony Ukuli or ” jumping cow .”
Men often Bana parent of a clay headdress decorated with feathers. As for women, they coat their hair butter and decorate with beads. During the ritual celebrations , men and women adorn their bodies with paint , clay or lime .

The Banna, are mainly an agricultural people who inhabit the highlands east of the Omo River, in the Southern Omo valley of Ethiopia, one of the remotest areas on the planet. They are a pastoral tribe whose culture revolves around cattle. During the dry season, the men walk long distances with their herds looking for water and grass, and to harvest wild honey.