Dassanech (Galeb)


Installed on both sides of the Omo , the Dassanech are 24,000 , spread across an area fertilized by the flooding of the Omo Delta and the influence of Lake Turkana. Their population has a predominantly agricultural economy. Livestock and its use nevertheless illustrate the moral values of the community based on an ancient pastoralism.

The major rituals are collective circumcision at the age of thirteen and Dimi . During circumcision , specific ornaments are given to the adolescent : headband pearl necklace, roots, bow and arrows , two gourds and a special campaign . The Dimi is a collective ritual that all men of a group whose daughter reaches puberty participate for six weeks. The father of the girl sacrifices a large number of livestock , foreshadowing the dowry he will receive in the future marriage. This event marks the entrance of the man in the political world of the tribe. At the end of the ceremony ostrich feathers stuck into his hair, leopard skin covers his shoulders reappears, then the campaign of circumcision plus bracelets cow’s tail , and a small shield cane.